Play African Detroit Cop Game


African Detroit Cop Game


Description: Help Eddie Murphy work as a cop in Detroit and achieve the Detroit HERO COP Award! Very funny, combines arcade and adventure elements....Game Instructions: This is an interactive game where you have to guide Eddie make his way through Detroit as a cop. It looks like Eddie is in trouble. He isn"t used to city life and doesn"t understand right from wrong. Help him make judgment calls as he makes his way through Detroit. For every situation you will be able to choose to talk it out, use force, or dance. Use the symbols at the bottom of the play screen to to choose an action. To do anything you have to stop when the trouble scene is in full view. Use the Right Arrow Key to move forward and the Down Arrow Key to stop (You can"t go backwards, Eddie doesn"t have that much time at his hands). You can choose to ignore each situation if you want and no points will be gained or lost. Due to Eddie"s prior mishaps you will start at -150 points. Good luck...